Back to Basics

Hi everyone,

I suspect that it may be difficult for you, as it is for me, to practice yoga and meditation at this time. “Back to Basics” is an expression I have heard and read a lot in the last week when people talk about corona virus. This made me think about Tadasana: the mountain pose, the correct way to stand, the beginning of every yoga class. We can at least do that, right?

This morning I made an audio recording of me describing the mountain pose like in the beginning of the lesson. I am also busy trying to see how I can teach my yoga and meditation classes via the internet using video conferencing. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Digital things are challenging for me. Without Miriam from ItsmirHosting I wouldn’t have been able to share this link on my website, or even maintain a website at all. I am grateful for her patience and the way she is constantly challenging me to learn new things.

So I want to take this opportunity to say A Big Thank You to my Miriam, and to all the Miriams in this world. Yes, the corona virus is showing us how we need to be there for one another and what is essential. We go back to the basics and see at the same time how much we are helped by the technology that connects us and by the digitally-savvy who can guide us.

And finally, have fun doing that basic Mountain Pose, friends. If you have questions, tips or ideas about how I can continue to connect with you, please just let me know!

Take care and warm wishes,