It’s 2019 – Let’s Go!

It’s 2019 – Let’s Go!

My biggest wish for you, and for me, in 2019 is that we experience progress in cultivating good habits.

I sent my last newsletter or blog in July. For those who know me well, this is nothing new. Enthusiastically I tell you I’ll write up something and send it, but don’t. It’s a rotten habit that causes me pain.

I often ask myself why I can’t seem to do what really I like doing very much-- writing, sharing inspiring thoughts. I suppose it has to do with my inner critic, the voice that says everything needs more work.

The inner critic says, for example, it would better not even to start writing, because I’ll just fail again at making it a routine.

“But,” I say to the critic, “I have such a lovely description of my blog. It makes me happy just to read it":

To find inspiration to practice yoga, to be kind to yourself,
to share peace and to encourage creativity

“Bla Bla,” says the inner critic. “There are plenty of good writers out there who can express these ideas much better than you can, especially in Dutch".

“But…people in my classes--as well as others--have told me they would like to know more about yoga and meditation. And, actually, they would prefer to receive the information about my workshops and lessons on time.”

“People get too much information these days and don’t even read it. Just forget about it.”

“But …” a small voice deep within me replies, “if it makes me happy, and if I can share just one helpful tip with one grateful person, then writing the blog is worth it".

Suddenly it’s quiet. The debate is over for now. The inner critic has left, and I hear my whole being saying: “All right then. Let’s go.”

Let’s try to write a monthly blog again. And also in Dutch. After all, I coach students in writing academic English and often say the more you write, make mistakes and learn from them, the faster you will experience progress. It’s high time I take my own advice.

So in 2019 I am determined to push the send button, despite the voice that says it needs more work. Please do remind me if I forget my promises to you or to myself. I know the inner critic will return at least monthly. If you aren’t really interested in all this, it’s always possible to “unsubscribe” to this blog 🙂 But if you also struggle sometimes with keeping up good habits, then I would appreciate it if you stick around, think along, and offer suggestions.

Here are some opportunities to do positive things for yourself in January 2019

For inspiration to practice yoga

Check out this Druonline video filmed in northern Wales ‘Changing Habits’ Here you’ll find a preview of what we’ll be doing in the lessons in January. At the end of the video, Andrew Wells, the director of Dru Australia, offers a beautiful version of the Golden Eagle Sequence. I know that for many of you this is a favorite Dru exercise.

To care for yourself...and be creative

For me, caring for yourself and being creative go together; the one reinforces the other. And combining yoga with creative activities is the icing on the cake. That’s why I am so excited about offering Dru yoga during a workshop with Sumi-e artist and teacher, Sylvia Radius. The workshop will be held at the Cultuurhuis Kuipersoort Walcheren on Saturday 19 January from 14:00 – 16:00. Sylvia will show us how to draw with ink and rice paper an Enso, a circle with symbolic meaning. Curious? See here for more information. There are only limited spaces, so reply quickly!

To share peace

It isn’t easy to react without fear or anger to all the negative things that come our way. The Open Studies and Friday morning meditations from SPFZ (Zeeland Eastern Practical Philosophy Organization) provide me with essential support in being peaceful. So if you live in Zeeland and can understand Dutch, why not come try it out.

*Happy 2019*
The yoga and meditation classes begin again in the week of 7 January
Hope to see you soon!

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