Happy Summer Days

Happy Summer Days

Summer vacation means sunshine, long evenings, and enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately there won’t be any yoga or meditation lessons for a few weeks, but I want to share some tips on how you can easily bring yoga into your summer days.



Here is the video I promised to send with the EBR 5 sequence which we did in class recently. It was filmed outside in the botanical gardens of Aubrey, Australia. Now you can keep practicing this lovely sequence, clear blocks in your chakras, and see more clearly your life’s mission.

• While enjoying your favorite outdoor places, don't forget to stop and smell the roses. When you’re out walking, stand still for a moment in the Mountain Posture. You can do the Earth Sequence or the Heaven and Earth Breath. Be the observer: how do you feel physically, mentally, and what does your heart say? The way to practice yoga in your daily life is simply to take notice of your breath, your thoughts, your desires, and your feelings. Just be aware; don’t judge.

• Another way to become completely focused in the moment is to be creative. On the 6th of August you can join a morning workshop at the Cultuurhuis Middelburg given by artist Sylvia Radhuis and me.

• And one last tip, go enjoy some beach yoga on Wednesday evenings in Koudekerke with my Dru colleague Marja Reijnders.

I look forward to hearing your experiences when we see each other again in September. The classes begin on Monday 3 September at ‘t Pand and Thursday 7 September at Hof van Buren.

Have a lovely summer,

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