Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes


I would very much like to give people the opportunity to learn meditation and to practice together. I will also be sharing tips on how to make mediation a part of your day- to- day routine.

When: Mondays
Time: 19:00 – 20:15


What to expect:
Dru meditation includes movement. Every class begins with a short warming up followed by Dru yoga exercises that last about 20 minutes in total. These movements help energy that is blocked in your body to flow freely, enabling you to sit longer during the meditation. People with physical limitations are welcome to join, as all the movements can be done in a chair. In addition, the following activities will be introduced:

• A good sitting posture
• How to relax your body
• Breathing and concentration activities
• And, of course…..silence.

Where: ’t Pand, Kerksteeg 5, Middelburg
(There is a bike rack on the circle of the Kerksteeg. If you come with a car, you can park for free on the Breeweg and at the end of the Adelaarstraat.)

Prices: For the people who are registered in my yoga classes, € 5
Others are very welcome to join and then the price is € 8.
Please pay in cash at the end of the lesson.

*Note for English speakers. These lessons will be done in Dutch, but if your Dutch is limited, please let me know in advance. I can then inform you what we will be doing and provide some reference material in English.