About Christine

Christine is enthusiastic about sharing the benefits of Dru yoga and meditation. She completed the Dru yoga teacher training in 2009, and since then has given yoga classes and workshops in Middelburg.  As a certified Dru teacher, she attends several master classes each year. In December 2016 Christine received her Dru Meditation teacher diploma. She regularly attends classes from SPFZ in Middelburg at ‘t Pand, the location of her Monday classes. In addition to being enthusiastic about yoga and meditation, Christine enjoys working as an English language coach and helping students at the University College Roosevelt enhance their writing and studying skills.

 “I love the experience of helping people gain new insights whether that be learning to express themselves more confidently in English, or learning to breathe deeply and enjoy life more fully. Dru yoga nurtures my creativity and helps me grow as an individual. I hope my students feel the same.  When people tell me that the classes have improved their mobility, alleviated pain, or helped them feel calmer, it motivates me even more to share this powerful practice with others. It’s a privilege to be able to offer these lessons.”