Start moving!

Start moving!

Yoga at Home - part two: What now?

Actually, you already know. I’m here only to remind you. Put on your favorite music and start moving, beginning with a warming up just like in the yoga lessons. Your heart will start pumping, oxygen will flow to your brain, and you’ll feel alert. Do movements from class which make you smile. When you do what you enjoy, you are much more likely to internalize the habit!

Why not practice the sequence we did often this spring: Salutation to the Four Winds.  See this beautiful illustration by Leon from the Monday morning group for some inspiration.

Once you've put yourself in motion, you might want to consider being still. If you want to meditate, then after the warming up and yoga, find a comfortable sitting position, relax your body and simply become aware of your breath. You could also do the candle gazing concentration exercise which we did during the last yoga class.

Let’s not forget the obvious when it comes to practicing yoga or meditation during the summer break…Move outside, enjoy nature often! You can walk and swim mindfully. You can lie on the beach and do a short relaxation. And there are many opportunities to follow a beach yoga class in Zeeland. Check out these links for a few of my Dru yoga colleagues in Zeeland.

Els in Cadzand Bad
Marja on the Beach near Koudekerke
Saskia on the Beach near Veerse Dam

Mark your calendars:   The yoga and meditation lessons begin again in the week of 4th September!
Starting 5th November, Together with Dru Colleagues Els van Venrooy and Marja Reijnders, I will be teaching the Dru 5-Day Meditation Course. Here is information about the course, but there is more to come!

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