“Come. Be here”

“Come. Be here”

Yoga at home - part one: why and where?

If you want to do yoga or meditation at home, then start by asking yourself: “why?” Why do you think a daily practice will improve your life? And once you start remembering why, write the reasons down.

The chance of sticking to a new course of action depends greatly on your motivation. Some of us are so enthusiastic about so many things that we forget why we wanted to start something in the first place. That’s why it’s good to write such things on a card, illustrate it, put it next to a beautiful photograph and place it someplace special.




Where? The place where you will practice doing yoga and meditation in your home. It only needs to be a corner of a room where everything you need to do yoga, and to sit quietly, lies clearly at hand. What else? Maybe a lit candle, some fresh flowers, favorite objects, or inspiring books. When you look at your corner it should make you smile, it should call out to you: “Come. Be here.”




1. Write down some of the reasons why you want to do yoga and meditation more regularly.
2. Illustrate your motivation. Put your thoughts on a card in nice lettering or next to a beautiful photograph.
3. Create a corner of a room which calls to you: “Come. Be here.”

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